Q: What is the difference between this and a photography workshop?
A: Well, for us, a photography workshop means something totally different than a photography retreat. Our vision for the retreats was to incorporate photography education with a vacation-like experience. Workshops tend to be more heavily focused on technicals, which of course we go over as well, but we also ensure that we have time to connect with our students on a personal level and allow time for relaxation and the enjoyment of the luxury aspects of our retreat. We take great care in planning high end chef-prepared meals, yoga, and booking a super fun place for all of us to stay. Another difference between us and other photography workshops is that we all stay together under one roof, making this an all inclusive experience. Once you arrive, you worry about and pay for nothing else. 

Q: Do I need to be an experienced photographer to join?
A: No, not at all. There is no "wrong" time to join us. If you're ready to grow, then we are ready to have you. It is helpful if you have a basic understanding of manual mode but if you are still learning we are here to answer your questions and guide you. You'll also find that your fellow attendees are super helpful as well. Our attendees have ranged from people who just started exploring manual mode to photographers with award winning, published work.

Q: I'm kind of an introvert. Do we really have to be together all the time?
A: Yes and no. We are always together as a group but we absolutely take breaks. This would be a great time to call home, take a walk, find a snack, whatever. There will be time for you to take breathers, trust us!

Q: Are beds shared?
A: We try to give everyone their own bed but that doesn't always happen. We book homes unique to each city and we take all things into consideration when we choose our spot. If there are beds that need to be shared they will be queens or larger and we will try to pair people who already know one another or who volunteer to share a bed.

Q: Can we use the images we take from the shoots on our websites?
A: Yes! We encourage you to share your work and any/all photos you take at the retreat.

Q: I have dietary restrictions. Will that be okay?
Of course! We take a survey of attendees to figure out any special dietary needs/requests. All of our personal chefs are experienced when it comes to working around allergies and special requests. We have had folks who are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and with allergies, all with no issues.

Q: I don't know anyone else and am signing up alone. Is that normal?
Yes, yes, yes! 90% of our attendees come on their own, not knowing anyone else. You will leave with new friends, we promise :) We know it's scary to venture out and do something like this on your own. You've got this!