Elena and I are not photographers because we enjoy being in front of a computer. Neither of us have ever had a passion for editing and found it to be one of the less enjoyable aspects of running our businesses. When you own a business time is money, and how you spend that time plays into your success in a big way. I have personally tried a handful of different editing companies from large established ones to individuals, and yet each time it just didn't feel right.

One day I was cruising Facebook and saw a post by one of my favorite photography icons, Chrisman Studios. They were posting about their preferred editing company, The Image Salon, owned by the power duo Davina and Daniel. I was intrigued and knew that if the Chrismans trusted them I likely could too. My first order came back and I was hooked. The simplicity and ease of which I could cull, upload, and receive my images back was a giant weight off of my shoulders and freed up massive amounts of time, allowing me to focus on the parts of my business that I enjoyed.

I immediately raved about The Image Salon to Elena and she quickly joined and was hooked as well. Elena is primarily a family photographer and it's rare in that industry to outsource your editing but her reasons were exactly the same as mine - she wanted that time back to focus on something else. The expense of outsourcing is small when you think about the hours you'd personally spend doing something you don't enjoy.

We are so honored to have one of our favorite companies as a sponsor of our 2018 retreats. We got to meet Daniel last month at WPPI and hit it off immediately. We can't wait to share how we outsource with all of our attendees and in essence give them permission to say, "I will dictate where and how I spend my time."

If you have ever considered outsourcing your editing we encourage you to start with The Image Salon. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have about our own workflow and how we utilize this service.