Hi Friend,

We know that you literally have an endless list of options when it comes to in-person photography learning experiences. It can be very overwhelming. So much so that you may simply decide that in-person isn't the right choice for you. We get it. 

With the announcement of a BIG photography conference yesterday, Clickaway, one in which Bre and I both have spoke at three years in a row, we are getting tons of messages asking us about our retreat and how the experiences compare. So we wanted to clear a few things up, just to help you decide what type of experience is right for you. 

We have so much respect for Click & Company and Clickaway. If we didn't, we wouldn't have taught three years in a row. However, Bre and I both decided that next year, we want to focus our attention and energy on on our personal in person retreat so we will not be teaching at Clickaway 2018. Thank you to those of you who have reached out and asked us why. We so appreciate it! 

A large photography conference like Clickaway or WPPI is very fun! There are thousands of attendees and because they are so huge you get to see a variety of talks and participate in many learning experiences. Think of it as a sampling of each instructor. You will be in large conference rooms for the talks, usually with about 200 attendees and larger groups for the smaller sessions, usually around 30-50 attendees. You get to meet a lot of other photographers from all over the world. There are big parties and mixers which are super fun if that is your thing. While you see a lot of different things, it's rare that you will actually get to connect to your instructors or get any type of individual attention. Meals are had on your own or in a large hall with other attendees grabbing lunch quickly. Usually, these types of learning experiences are more fun if you go with a few friends. 

A small retreat or in person workshop is pretty much the opposite of a conference. Their are usually less than 20 attendees (around 10 for our retreats,) and you get complete individualized attention. You get to ask as many questions as you want and really get to know your instructors on a personal level. You eat your meals together and really form a community with your peers as the environment is more intimate. You only get to work with one or two instructors as it is not a conference and meant to be a specific learning experience. 

When we hatched the idea for our retreat we wanted something that was different. It really is ACTUALLY a retreat. We bring in a private chef, you stay at a luxury home, we do private yoga together, all while perfecting your craft and building your community. We do shoots together where you actually get to get in there and photograph the models all while asking Bre and I your questions. We do a portfolio review for each attendee and discuss individual goals and strategies for success, weather that be for business or personal. We sit around a fire and drink wine and talk about life and passions. It really is magical. Some have even said life changing. 

Read individual reviews now if you are interested. 

At each of our past retreats we have had attendees with a variety of experience levels and specialties. For example, at our last retreat we had girls who are already CMpro along with an attendee who just learned how to use manual mode a few months ago. We had a girl who mostly shoots personal work as well as professional photographers who have full time businesses.

But in an environment like ours, it doesn't matter because we are able to touch on each attendees goals and needs. All while drinking wine, relaxing, and really growing as a group of women. :) 

Because some of our people have asked us about dates and price, saying that they need to choose between Clickaway and a Blair & Thurston Retreat, we wanted to share our date and pricing with you for 2018. But the location is top secret. We are actually traveling to the location in a few weeks to reveal the location LIVE. We also don't think you have to choose one over the other. We have had many attendees who have done both. 

Hint... sunshine and wine. ;) 

April 19th -21st, 2018

Early bird pricing is $2000.
Price includes all lodging, food, private yoga, and of course, an elevated educational experience. 

Registration will be live May 24th when we announce the location!! 

We hope that cleared some things up and we hope to see some of you at our next retreat!! 

Elena & Bre